How to make business websites operate faster and more securely?

IBM® Edge Delivery Services is an intelligent, globally distributed cloud platform designed to transform the Internet into an enterprise-class network while reducing infrastructure costs for providing web-based applications and services. This service provides a fast, predictable, scalable, highly available and secure network for delivering online workload to end users anywhere and on any device.

It is designed to identify and avoid problems with conventional Internet services by leveraging a globally distributed network of servers coupled with advanced intelligent routing technology. A failover option allows customers’ dynamic content to be delivered, even when the origin site is unavailable.

Sold by IBM Business Partners, IBM Edge Delivery Services is provided as a resale of offerings from Akamai®, a world leader in cloud-based services. The services deliver cloud technology on an enterprise-class platform from worldwide data centers, relieving organizations of the complexity of cloud management so they can focus instead on driving business.

The core values of IBM Edge Delivery Services are to make business websites operate faster and more securely. With e-commerce a crucial part of many organizations’ offerings, slow response time can cause significant loss in business revenue and can result in brand deterioration. To these core values, IBM also adds value with systems integration and other services that support world-class functionality for web applications and services.

Target industries:

IBM Edge Delivery Services is applicable to any organisation that conducts business over the Internet. It is relevant to any industry, with retail, financial, high technology and media comprising the largest potential markets. The key to targeting organisations is in selecting prospects that need to improve the performance and security of Internet-facing workloads.

Client size:

Prospects can include organisations of any size, from small and mid-sized to large enterprises.


CIO, CTO, CISO, vice president of IT infrastructure and managers in charge of applications and marketing. Individuals with responsibility for ensuring a high-quality brand experience for customers, for ensuring web application performance and security, and for providing the infrastructure to support performance, systems security and the user experience can be especially appropriate.

Main points: 

IBM Edge Delivery Services addresses business concerns including:

  • Providing the ideal user experience for internal and external customers
  • Protecting the integrity of the organization’s brand
  • Securing business assets that traverse the Internet
  • Growing the organization’s online revenue
  • Reducing e-commerce site abandonment and cart abandonment
  • Handling seasonal spikes in website demands
  • Ensuring dealer and distributor satisfaction
  • Supporting increased functionality for partner and employee B2B portals

IBM Edge Delivery Services addresses technology concerns including:

  • Enabling faster performance for the organization’s website
  • Enhancing security of the website and online applications
  • Improving IT manageability for quicker resolution of issues
  • Reducing the time required for change management
  • Avoiding downtime and performance problems while minimizing infrastructure costs

Benefits and values

IBM Edge Delivery Services helps organizations realize business benefits with technology capabilities including:

  • Improving end-user application availability by eliminating Internet bottlenecks
  • Providing a secure environment for critical business processes
  • Improving web application adoption on a global scale
  • Eliminating downtime and lost productivity
  • Increasing scalability to accommodate peak usage on demand
  • Drastically reducing performance-related help desk support

In addition to enterprise business, IBM Edge Delivery Services can also help service providers increase performance and reliability, drive adoption, and fuel subscription renewals. Relevant service providers include those offering:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

IBM Edge Delivery Services can help retail organisations achieve results by supporting:

  • Improved “browser to buyer” and “look to book” conversion rates
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Increased site “stickiness”
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

Key questions

To help identify prospective customers for IBM Edge Delivery Services, ask questions such as:

  1. Do your clients complain about poor performance of your web portal or website?
  2. Do your clients complain about poor performance when trying to access applications or critical data over the Internet?
  3. Do your clients complain about poor visual representation of your website on mobile devices?
  4. Are you considering adding a remote data center to improve application performance for remote geographies?
  5. Do you need to ensure a high level of application performance and information security to remote users after consolidating remote data centers?
  6. Are you satisfied with the conversion rates associated with your online portals or applications?
  7. Are you concerned about the security of your web applications?
  8. Are your web applications delivered to a: a. Global audience? b. North American audience? c. Regional audience?
  9. Do you deliver: a. A web-based portal, web applications or a website over the Internet? b. IP-based applications via IPSec or SSL VPN? c. Applications over a private network such as Frame, ATM or MPLS?

Competitive differentiators

Key competitors:

  • Limelight Networks
  • EdgeCast/Verizon
  • Level 3 Communications

Top reasons why IBM is better:

A globally distributed architecture comprising more than 170,000 servers, delivering world-leading scalability for delivering and securing content

  • The ability to both accelerate dynamic content and cache static content
  • A secure SSL platform enabling the delivery of secure web domains
  • A broad solution suite including streaming video, whole-site delivery, application acceleration, web application firewall and edge tokenization
  • A global platform including options for content delivery from within China
  • Best-in-class manageability and visibility for problem identification and resolution
  • World-class technical support

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